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We are a professional production and processing manufacturer of faucets, Shower system,bathroom set and other products.

The company is located in WenZhou, Zhejiang Province, the capital of China hardware sanitary ware. Since its establishment, through
15 years of continuous efforts,Our company has accumulated rich professional production experience, introduced sophisticated
technical equipment and advanced manufacturing processes, strict testing methods, while constantly improving the company's
management system and after-sales service.
All products are produced and sold by our Company. We have our own gravity foundry (area), CNC machine polishing and electroplating
factory (area), finished product assembly workshop (area), More than 3000 square meters storage and stock. We have full production line
including Gravity Casting Line, Machining Line, Polishing Line and assembling line with skilled engineers and workers.Manufacturing capacity
up to 50000pcs Per Month.Well equipped with modern test machines insuring reliability and endurance of products. We have gorgeously
beautiful with excellent color and brushed surface treatment.We have 5 QC technician(s), and we have established strict quality control procedures
and check systems.And unique design in our industry makes the product absolutely different with others.Also our top quality lead to extremely
environment friendly and lead-free.The color never fade and does not get rust, always looks new.
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Why choose us?

——original design professional service Quality of quality——

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Factory Scale Product Quality Exporting Country Techinque Level 
The factory covers an area of 2,000 square meters and has 200 advanced mechanical equipment... Our products have passed many international certifications and the quality of our products has been recognized.... Our products are exported tomore than 40 countries aroundthe world and are recognized.... The factory has advanced production design and world advanced production technology..
Owned Foundry
We have our own foundry, rich casting experience and high finished product rate. Guarantee the timely supply of products.
We have traditional sand casting and high quality gravity casting to meet your different product needs.

Select high quality brass material

We use instrument grade (extra A grade) brass ingots, national standard GB 59-1, with lead content ≤ 1.2%. After polishing, no impurities,
sand holes, cracks, waves, etc. are allowed. The quality requirements are extremely stringent, exceeding national standards and
fully conforming to international standards.

Gravity casting technology

Adopting advanced gravity casting technology, the faucet shell is formed by the international top Italian IMR gravity casting and sand
core molding equipment, which produces products with tight structure, dense crystallization, uniform thickness and smooth surface.

Automatic machining center

Using the world's most advanced CNC (automatic machining center), multi-step processing in one time, to ensure the ultra-high precision of the processing
size and the finish of the processing surface, to ensure the long-term sealing performance of the product.
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Automatic plating line

We have fully automatic plating line, scientific and refined nickel plating process, multi-layer nickel plating to ensure the excellent quality of product appearance.

Scientific assembly process

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We have a group of assembly workers with more than 10 years of experience. The scientific level of manual assembly has been greatly improved to ensure
the high efficiency of assembly and the qualified rate of products.
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Standard Warehouse

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We have over 2000 square meters of standardized warehouses. It is conducive to the storage of raw materials, semi-finished or finished products.
We use the German SPECTROLAB spectrometer to test the composition of each furnace copper water, to ensure that the material of the product out of the furnace qualified, and will keep the test sample for 3-12 months for quality tracking.
For products, we conduct airtightness testing and water testing experiments to ensure that the products are airtight and do not leak.
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We use the quadratic measuring machine to check the hole center distance, position, profile, slope, concentricity, and cylindricity of our products. We guarantee that the quality of each product is up to standard.
We conduct 48-hour salt spray testing on copper and stainless steel products to ensure that the products are not easily rusted, corrosion resistant and durable.
For products with organic performance requirements, we conduct hardness tests to ensure quality requirements.
We use metallographic microscopes to identify and analyze copper and stainless steel materials, conduct raw material inspections, and ensure the quality of our castings.
100% inspection of the key dimensions of the products, appearance of all castings before shipment.
For the surface of polished finished products, 100% fine inspection is passed.
We require all suppliers to provide warranties and certificates of conformity for the quality of materials, and we also test the materials incoming
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